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Our History

The family Mistral-Monnier has run the winery since its creation in the early sixties. Marius Monnier, the pioneering ancestor, was the son of a winemaker from the village of La-Tour-de -Peilz near Montreux.  From an early age, he was immersed in the world of vines and winemaking. His father was the owner of the famous Clos-de-la-George domain at  Yvorne. 

Marius Monnier arrived in the canton of Geneva in 1947 and did not at all leave the world of wine as he was working as head-winemaker in the production of Champagne style wines. From 1954 to 1966 he and  his wife ran the Café de la Poste in Dardagny, and also worked with the Friederich Brothers , winemakers based in Dardagny. Meanwhile, he bought a few parcels of land around the village.  

By the early 60s, he had acquired three acres and created the domain of Les Faunes, expanding it gradually over time. In 1977, in partnership with his step-son, he began construction of the present winery and cellars. 

In 1983, he passed the running of his winery over to his daughter Danielle and his step-son, Gilbert Mistral, also from a family of winemakers in Provence. Today his grandsons Frederic and Ludovic have taken up up the torch.  

Frederic Mistral was born in 1977. He first trained as an engineer  in Mechanics and Robotics, receiving his diploma in 1998. After several jobs in information technology, the magic of winemaking  and the lure of the earth became  too strong. In 2005, he received his  degree in oenology and viticulture in Changins. He is responsible for the winery, winemaking and marketing.  

Ludovic Mistral was born in 1982. He first trained as a car mechanic before he, too, yielded to the call of his roots. He is responsible for everything to do with grape production and maintenance of the vineyards.