Open cellars at home 2020

This year, the unique conditions associated with coronavirus have had many impacts on all public events held throughout Switzerland.

The traditional open cellars of Geneva are not spared. Originally scheduled for Saturday, May 16, 2020, they had to be postponed.

But to keep the spirit of discovery and tasting that has animated the Open Cellars for more than thirty years, we offer Open cellars at home.

Our Discovery Boxes to celebrate the spirit of the open cellars... from home

The discovery box allows you to enjoy our favorite grape varieties with different specialties of our domain to share with family or friends.


But there is more! We have also created three themed boxes: one white, one rosé and one red for those who would like more.


Take advantage of free shipping to get your tasting kits right on your doorstep



Discovery offer

Discover the richness and diversity of our grape variety with our discovery box offer.

This pack contains six different bottles (3 white and 3 red) which represent a nice sample of our vintages.

In addition to the current discount, free shipping is available!

  • A traditional white: The Chasselas
  • A white specialty: Pinot Gris
  • An aromatic: Scheurebe
  • Classic red: Pinot Noir
  • A more corpulent red: Cabernet Sauvignon
  • A barrel red specialty: Syrah

You will be able to get an idea of our assortment. This is the perfect way to discover our wines if you can’t get to our cellar.

89.00 CHF 85.00 CHF tax incl.

Download the pre-filled form

The open cellars operation at home allows you to centralize orders for your neighbors.

Download the pre-filled form below with the composition of our box. Add your contact information and distribute 😉
You can then send it back to us or place the group order here on our website.

We can deliver within three business days.

White discovery

For the cellars open to the house 2020 we offer different boxes discovered.

The white discovery card consists of three emblematic grape varieties:

  • 2x Chasselas – fresh and light, refreshing white
  • 2x Pinot Gris – Round and fruity
  • 2x Scheurebe – Fruity with exotic aromas and grapefruit

76.00 CHF 73.00 CHF tax incl.


Rosé discovery

The rosé discovery box consists of our two rosés:

  • 3x Rosé de Gamay – Ideal for summer, fresh and light
  • 3x Rosé de Pinot Noir – also called Oeil-de-Perdrix, this rosé is fuller and aromatic

69.00 CHF 65.00 CHF tax incl.

Red discovery

For the open cellars at home 2020 we offer different discovery boxes.

The red discovery card consists of three grape varieties:

  • 2x Pinot Noir – reference of the Swiss vineyard, fresh and fruity
  • 2x Syrah – full-bodied and slightly oaked
  • 2x Cabernet Sauvignon – tannic and fruity

102.00 CHF 95.00 CHF tax incl.


All our cellar at your disposal

Take a look at our entire assortment. Our 17 different grape varieties are at your fingertips.

Compose your own box with the wines you love.