Chasselas Les Faunes

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Chasselas is native to Mâconnais. This grape is the most cultivated in Switzerland, its winemaking is difficult but exciting.

Planted in Dardagny and Geneva since the dawn of time, it produces fresh, fruity and floral wines.

It is ideal as an aperitif but also traditionally accompanies our fondues and raclettes. Its freshness and lightness have often given it the reputation of “wine of thirst” but it is without counting on its great finesse.

Bouquet: This Chasselas has dominant fruit aromas.
Palate : Crisp and slightly acidic, with the mild sparkling characteristic of Chasselas wine.

Food and wine pairing:
Crisp and light, it makes an ideal aperitif wine. However, it is indispensible for the classic Swiss cheese dishes fondue and raclette, as well as smoked meat dishes. Also goes well with freshwater fish and light seafood.

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50cl. – cases of 12 bottles, 70cl. – cases of 6 bottles


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