Gamay Les Faunes

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Gamay is a grape variety of French origin planted mainly in the Beaujolais region. It is a cross between Pinot noir and Gouais. In Switzerland, it is present in Geneva as well as in the canton of Vaud and Valais. Rather productive grape variety, it will require more control in the vineyard.
Gamay bunches are generally quite large, but the berries are of medium size.
It will give fruity and warm wines.
In Geneva, it represents a total surface area of 368 ha or 27.5% of the vineyard.

Nose: the dominant is red fruit with notes of blackcurrant and raspberry.
Palate: balanced and fresh, the mouth reminds us of the red fruit aromas felt on the nose.

Food and wine pairing: Gamay as we vinify it lends itself well to summer aperitifs. It is often recommended to accompany cold meats, cochonaille or terrines and pâtés.

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