Rosés Wines

How is a rosé wine made ?
La question nous est souvent posée : un rosé, c’est un cépage rouge ou blanc ?

Le fait est que le vin rosé est exclusivement vinifié à partir de raisins rouge. Pour preuve, nos deux rosés sont issus du Gamay ou du Pinot Noir. Vous pouvez également trouver parfois des rosés de Gamaret ou de Syrah.

La couleur est obtenue par une courte macération de la peau des raisins avec le jus. Une macération plus longue mènerait à un vin rouge, simplement.

Ces macérations courtes, permettent d’obtenir des vins plus ou moins teintés selon le temps de cuvage. Court = clair ; long = foncé.


Rosé de Gamay

The rosé of Gamay comes from a red grape, Gamay. The vinification is performed differently from the Gamay red wine, and this is what gives it its pink color and fresher aromas  than the red. This rosé is the result of “bleeding”, as opposed to “direct pressure”. The “bleeding” process involves macerating the juice with the grape skins for a few hours before pressing. It is this which gives the grape juice colour by diffusing the dyes contained in the grape skin.

Bouquet: Fresh with notes of red fruit and strawberry.
Palate: This rosé is fresh and fruity, with a slight sugary note, which brings body to the wine and a longer finish.

Fresh and light, it is the ideal wine for summer aperitifs. Is also perfect with grilled meats.

Rosé de Pinot Noir

Grown for a long time in the French Bourgogne region, Pinot Noir is one of the great French grape varieties which has also shown itself to be well adapted to the Geneva climate.  We have been producing Pinot Noir Rosé in the winery for more than 15 years. The Pinot Noir grape gives a Rosé more delicate flavour and full bodied than the Gamay grape, and is therefore better suited to accompagnying a meal. This a Rosé which can be appreciated all year round.

Bouquet: White flowers, white currants and  light notes of pineapple.
Palate:  More ( tendue ?? )  than Gamay Rosé with a more lively structure,  perfect with its accompagniment.

Asian or spicy dishes.