Rosé de Gamay

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The rosé of Gamay comes from a red grape, Gamay. The vinification technique differs from a red Gamay wine. This is what gives it its pink color and fresher aromas than.
This rosé comes from a “saignée”, as opposed to “direct pressing”. “Saignée” consists of letting the juice macerate with the grape skin for a few hours before pressing. It is this maceration that will give the juice its color by spreading the pigments contained in the skin of the grapes.

Nose: fresh with notes of red fruit and strawberry.
Palate: this rosé is fresh and fruity, a slight sweetness is to be noted, which brings its body and length.

Food and wine pairing:
Fresh and light it is the ideal wine for summer aperitifs. It will also go well with your grilled meats.

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50cl., 70cl., 70cl. screwcap


50cl. – cases of 12 bottles, 70cl. – cases of 6 bottles


50cl. – screw cap, 70cl. – cork

Vintage 50cl.


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