Pinot Gris

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Mutation of Pinot Noir, is called “Rulander” in Germany, “Malvoisie” in Valais, formerly “Tokay” in Alsace, “Grey Monk” in Hungary. It has been present in Geneva since the 1980s, where it gives excellent results. It takes its name from the colour of its berries, which mature to a grey/pink hue. It can be vinified in both dry and fluffy wine (residual sugar). We chose to vinify it dry for freshness.

Nose: the dominant aromas are quince or honey.
Palate: there are quince aromas. It’s rich and generous wine. Very supple and fleshy, it is in the mouth that it expresses all its richness.

Wine and food pairing: ideal as an aperitif wine, it will be great with foie gras or fresh salmon.

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35cl. – cases of 12 bottles, 37,5cl. – cases of 12 bottles, 50cl. – cases of 12 bottles, 70cl. – cases of 6 bottles

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